Happy holiday peeps!!!

*Bersempena dengan cuti hujung tahun ini, MVogue akan memberikan diskaun sehingga 20% bermula 10 November sehingga 31 Disember 2011.

*Diskaun sebanyak 20% ditawarkan untuk setiap pembelian barangan dari Album Handcrafted Book Accessories dan Album Handcrafted Hanging Accessories.

*Dskaun 5% untuk SEMUA barangan selain dari yang tersebut di atas.

*Setiap pembelian dengan jumlah minima RM 15.00 akan menerima hadiah percuma, TETAPI bagi pembelian bernilai RM 35.00 and above will get the honour to choose your own free gift (do check out my free gift album, uploading pictures in progress).

*Diskaun yang diberikan adalah tidak termasuk postage fee.

*Click the link below and start browsing my albums now, perhaps you'll find something that could be a Christmas present for your loved ones :)

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MVogue (JM0597132-A) is like a stage where I present my crafty side to the world. Beside my handmade stuff, here you can also find other ready-made fashion accessories ranging from bracelets, necklace, clincher and many more.

Feel free to browse this site and should you require further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me at But please note that I'm doing this on part-time basis and I tend to get extremely busy tending my Mother's deteriorating health, so please bear with me yea???

Thank you for visiting and for the support!

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5% discount + mystery gift with every purchase of RM 40.00 and above in a single receipt.

10% discount + mystery gift with every purchase of RM 70.00 and above in a single receipt.

15% discount + mystery gift + free delivery with every purchase of RM 100.00 and above in a single receipt.

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